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Steven osborne

Excellent service from (English name Robert)

Steven osborne - UK

Excellent service from (English name Robert) ....who took time and listened to what we needed. Same day we viewed two properties..decided yes on the 2nd one. Unfortunately due to a change of circumstances we ended up not taking the property. But we can highly recommend this company. We were well informed every step of the way with even the contract done the same day as viewing. Very good english spoken..don't hesitate to put your faith in this company finding you perfect home. We will be back to start our search again. Soon I hope!!
Kimberly Michelle Smith

knowledgeable and professional

Kimberly Michelle Smith - United States of America

I had a wonderful experience with the staff and service of Daka Kun Realty. They were very knowledgeable and professional. I requested to find a house in my budget and near my work. We looked at about 4 houses the first day with Mollika and she was very helpful and patient. The next day Mr. Bora Phon showed me some additional homes based on my preferences. I was able to choose the home I liked and Mr Phon and Mallika made the process of renting the home very easy and patiently answered any questions I had. If your looking for home, look no further than Daku Kun.
hhwon H

Professional, efficient and considerate!

hhwon H - Korean

I picked an apartment with a beautiful tile floor and amazing balcony view! I would like to thank Daka Kun Realty, in particular my agent, MR. Larch Chhong, who helped me to find a perfect rental home in Siem Reap. If you are looking to rent a home in Siem Reap please consider Daka Kun Realty! Professional, efficient and considerate!
Tommy Matarese

Professionalism, Responsiveness

Tommy Matarese - US

MR. Lach Chhong is a very caring and considerate person who kept in contact with me for 2 months prior to moving to Siem Reap. He kept sending me listings of homes I would be interested in seeing when I arrived. On the first day he had 3 places to show us and we were completely satisfied signing a lease on the 2nd house , which was the house of my dreams. And,he did a great job getting me the place for the price I could afford. Great Job!
Sandra Bos

Reliable service, and no cost involved for the tenant.

Sandra Bos - France

I can really recommend this company. They helped to find a house within 2 weeks, negotiated on my behalf with the landlord, reliable service, and no cost involved for the tenant.
Domenico Piccolo

Very professional and attentive.

Domenico Piccolo - Italian

Very professional and attentive. They have always followed us looking for many solutions and always choosing carefully what to show us. Our agent was the first from the left in the photo. Really a special person! Thanks
Catherine Isaacs

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Catherine Isaacs - South Africa

Daka Kun Realty is one of the best realty companies in Siem Reap. When I first arrived in Cambodia I was really scared about looking for places because the systems can vary from your home country. Daka Kun made it so simple, so easy and really pleasant. The agent I worked with, Mr. Chhong is professional, really helpful and extremely patient, as I am quite a difficult client when it comes to finding the perfect fit. He managed to find a place that, not only meets all my facility requirements, but that also has extra amenities and an amazing Landlord, with whom he negotiated on my behalf to get the best rate. I will always recommend this Estate Agency to anyone looking to find a great apartment in Siem Reap. The experience was wonderful, and extremely helpful. Thank you so much Daka Kun Realty for making my apartment hunt, one of the best experiences. 5 Stars all the way. I appreciate it so much. Thank You
Micheal McKay

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Micheal McKay -

Very helpful throughout the entire process. Showed me places in my price range and the area I was interested in. They were very patient as I went back twice to see the place I eventually rented. Fast and easy communication.
ivo yunita

Profesional company with good range of property

ivo yunita -

Profesional company with good range or property, ask for larch chhong good English and very friendly agent
Steve Langham

Very helpful have a lot of nice properties

Steve Langham - Australia

Very helpful have a lot of nice properties to show very pleased with the service
Philip Taylor

Polite, professional and very helpful.

Philip Taylor -

Polite, professional and very helpful.
kristie reville

very helpful and quick in response.

kristie reville - US

We have had a great experience with Bong Chhong. He was very helpful and quick in response. Highly recommend this company.
Evgeniy Ustiantsev

Awesome agency, Friendly and Very competent

Evgeniy Ustiantsev - Russian

We get our nice looking apartment after just around 3 hours near the pub street, awesome agency, friendly and very competent. Also i can especially recommend our personal agent - Chhong (i'm sorry - i forgot yr surname buddy) 10 stars from 5, best choice to get quality service in rielty! :) ----- Мы заключили договор уже через 3 часа после обращения в агенство, прокатились по 4м объектам, выбрали лучший вариант. Ребята реально хороши - компетентны, учтивы и дружелюбны. Удалось урвать кошерную хатку недалеко от паб стрит :D Могу смело рекомендовать эту компанию, в частности агента Чонга работавшего персонально с нами. 10 шекелей из 5 или типо того. Если возникнет необходимость в будущем, вероятней всего обращусь в первую очередь к ним :P With best regards Eugene U.
Nico Millen

Excellent service from Mr Sam Ath

Nico Millen - Australia

Excellent service from Mr Sam Ath right from the beginning when I contacted him from another town. He send me all the options and was even willing to show the options to a friend of ours. After we made our choice he stayed in touch, right up to the point where we signed the contract and received the keys of the house. Your dedication is much appreciated. Thank you
Crissy B

Super friendly and helpful with great attention to details.

Crissy B - United States of America

Great Work!! I was that very picky client in searching for a home with a very specific combination of features. These folks works relentlessly and patiently showing me many homes for weeks until I found the right one. Unlike many realtors, they didn't waste my time showing me homes that were way beyond my budget or didn't fit my criteria. Super friendly and helpful with great attention to details.
Annie David

Beyond grateful to deal with Daka Kun Realty

Annie David - Philippine

Beyond grateful to deal with Daka Kun Realty. We didn't waste time in settling as they exactly brought us to the apartment/s that we preferred to live. Our requests are dealt very fast and straightforward. By far the best real estate that accommodated us
Andy Walker

Very happy with all their service

Andy Walker - British

I recommend Daka Kun highly. Very prompt response with any questions i forwarded. Large selection of properties with good knowledge of SR. Mr. Chong in particular worked very hard to fulfill and understand our requirements. Very happy with all their service
Jennifer Riedel

Professional Realestate Agent in Siem Reap

Jennifer Riedel - Germany

Ms Daka and Mr Sam Ath were recommended to me by a friend and I found them to be very helpful and extremely quick to respond to my inquiry and voilà, I found a place within 24 hours after I contacted them. Throughout the visits, my questions were answered patiently and honestly and communication with all landladies/lords was very smooth due to the support of Sam Ath. A very flexible and reliable team! A big thank you for helping me to find a new home in Siem Reap

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

D G - Korean

High recommended . They helped us to find a good place to renting out .professional team
Leang Huy

Wonderful people!

Leang Huy - Cambodian

This is a professional company. They have good service which can be trusted. They always help both sides; also, they build good relationship between me and customer. I highly recommend this company for anyone who need helps in buy sale or rent all kind of properties in Cambodia; Siem reap province.
Lima Seng

Truly reliable agency

Lima Seng - Cambodian

Truly reliable agency
Leba Blze

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Leba Blze - French

Excellent place to get the renting place desire. In less than 12 hours during a holiday-day, they get me the house that was the best to me. I'm so glad I made business with them. Special thanks to Ath Yeun. Cheers, Abel
James Smith

Expert agent in Siem Reap, Cambodia

James Smith - United States of America

Mr Sam Ath was generous with taking his time to show different properties I acquired a comfortable fair price rental property with owner that supports care of renter thru Sam Ath honest and direct this agent is !!!
Sophonnora Tiv

Thanks to Daka for her professionalism and responsiveness

Sophonnora Tiv - Cambodian

Her indulgence and efforts help our transaction closes smoothly.


TheJammer555 - Canadian

Daka Kun helped me to find a very nice apartments in a good location in a short time. She took extra time to show me a few places that were close to to where I work, even after her working hours. The apartment has everything that I enquired about ( location, rental price, furnished etc) and the landlords are very kind. I am very grateful for her help!
Seyha Sam

Professional Realestate Agent in Siem Reap

Seyha Sam - Cambodian

Daka and her teams are very well organize and professional the best real estates agents in Siem Reap, we highly recommended.
Sokleap Chea

Professional service, standard & value company which can be trusted

Sokleap Chea - Cambodian

It can be recommended for valued customers who looking for the Realty Agent, please go ahead for this agency.
Michael Kuske

Professionalism, Responsiveness

Michael Kuske - Germany

I would like to thank Sam for his effective support to find a new home in Siem Reap which fits perfectly to my needs and expectations. Michael

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